Will Perodua use the Kancil name again for its EV?

Perodua will start producing a fully electric model from the end of 2025 and it will be as affordable as possible for Malaysians to make the transition to EVs. While it has Daihatsu Motor as its technical partner, it will also work with an Italian company as EV technology is a new field so having a specialist would be helpful.

Perodua Kancil EV by Theottle

It won’t be the first time that Perodua has worked with Italians. Back in the late 1990s, it also worked with Marcello Gandini, a well-known Italian designer who collaborated (via Stola) in the styling of the Kancil 2.

Perodua Kancil 2 [2003]
The Kancil 2, launched in 1999, was the first time Perodua had made a major design change to a Daihatsu model. There was even a change in the dashboard layout with the instrument panel moving to a central location.
Anyway, Perodua has come a long way since then and can now design new models on its own. It has shown one of its ideas (the EMO concept) at the Malaysia Autoshow last year but could the new EV be closer to the small hatchbacks it has been producing for decades?

Our friend Theottle has fantasised about what a Perodua EV could look like and this is his proposal. And who knows… they might even call it a Kancil to pay tribute to the original car that started the company on its journey to being No.1 carmaker in Malaysia.

Visit www.perodua.com.my to know more about Perodua models and where to get a test-drive.

The little car that started Perodua on the road to success

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