When Proton did not assemble the Iswara Aeroback in its own factory

Since Proton began making cars, it has had three production sites in Malaysia – at the original factory in Shah Alam, Selangor; Automotive Manufacturers Malaysia in Pekan, Pahang; and Tg. Malim, Perak. Not well known is that there was a fourth plant – Associated Motor Industries (AMI) in Shah Alam –  which also assembled the Iswara Aeroback for a while.

Contract assembly by AMI
This was in 1996 when demand for most Proton models was high, and the company needed to produce more of the Wira and Perdana. AMI was given a contract to assemble some 3,000 units (a year) of the Iswara Aeroback and Proton provided the tooling to carry out assembly. This helped to meet the backlog of orders for the model which had led, at one stage, to suspension of order-taking. Later, assembly of the Iswara Aeroback returned to Proton’s own factory where it continued till 2008.

The Iswara Aeroback was first introduced as the Saga Aeroback in 1987 and became the Iswara Aeroback in 1992. It would remain in production until January 2008 when the last units (above) left the factory at Shah Alam.

The first units assembled by AMI were delivered to customers in January 1996. Do you have an Iswara Aeroback that was made at AMI? You can check by looking at the manufacturer’s plate which is attached in the engine bay (usually in the area below the wipers).

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