Volvo to launch ‘Scandinavian living room on wheels’ in November

Zeekr 009While Volvo could not ignore the SUV trend that started in the 1990s and eventually came out with its own SUV in 2002 (and focuses more on such vehicles today),  it seemed to be able to disregard the MPV segment  – until now.

Though SUVs are in high demand, there is also much potential in the MPV segment, especially in the premium end. Perhaps it’s the added comfort that is available as people have less interest in sedans these days. In fact, the diminished interest in sedans has even led Volvo to stop selling its sedans and stationwagons in the UK.

Soon, Volvo will launch its first-ever MPV that will be known as the EM90 and as it is being launched in this era of electrification, it will obviously have a fully electric powertrain. Almost certainly, it will be on the SEA platform that Geely developed for electric models of the various brands in its group.

2023 Zeekr 009 MPV

In fact, it is believed that the EM90 will be an adaptation of the 009 MPV sold by Zeekr. Some may be disappointed that there is no exclusive design for the Volvo but this is an age of sharing platforms and models to control costs. There’s no harm in that if each brand is able to ‘customise’ the model according to its own philosophy and heritage.

In the case of the EM90, Volvo says it will be ‘like a Scandinavian living room on the move’. So besides being able to carry all the stuff from IKEA (which is a Scandinavian company), you will also be able to enjoy the same ambience.

2023 Renault Espace
The European market has established MPV models like the Renault Espace (above) and Volkswagen Multivan (below), but Volvo says its EM90 will be for the premium segment.

2023 Volkswagen Multivan

Volvo says the new model will be launched in on November 12, 2023 and pre-orders will be accepted in China from that date. It seems likely that sales of the EM90 will initially be in the world’s largest car market where there is high demand. Possibly, other Asian markets will have it after that and then Europe which has established MPVs like the Renault Espace and Volkswagen Multivan.

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