Volvo Safety Driving Experience to be held in March

Carmakers can make their cars very safe, with active safety systems to help the driver avoid accidents and intelligent passive protection to reduce injuries if the accident is unavoidable.

Volvo is among the best at ensuring that the occupants in its vehicles are safe during their journeys. This is something which the company has gained a strong reputation for and is part of its DNA because of its two founders’ strong belief in safety.

However, until autonomous motoring takes over, the car is still controlled by a human driver. Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) – eg Collision Avoidance, Blind Spot Monitoring, etc – can help to improve safety but the proficiency of the driver can vary from person to person. Younger drivers may not have experienced the variety of situations that those with many years of driving will have and learn to respond correctly.

Cars are still controlled by humans and if provided with some additional skills to help them control the car better, they can improve their motoring safety and drive confidently,

Gain more confidence while driving
To help Volvo owners gain some skills and have more confidence while driving, Volvo Car Malaysia will hold a Volvo Safety Driving Experience event next month. This will be at Bandar Malaysia, which is on the 486-acre site of the old airport in Sg. Besi, Kuala Lumpur.

With its long and wide disused runway, there’s plenty of space for training and experiencing high-high speed manoeuvres safely. In fact, the runway was even used for a round of the Toyota Vios Challenge racing series in 2019.

Sg Besi airport, Bandar Malaysia
The 6.2-km runway of the old airport and RMAF airbase in Kuala Lumpur. The site is now being redeveloped as Bandar Malaysia. This picture was taken in late 2019 when the Setiawangsa – Pantai Expressway (SPE) was just starting construction by the left side of the runway.

A chance to experience the safety systems
There will be qualified instructors to provide guidance and advice on how to be a better, safer driver. The course will also enable owners to experience the advanced safety systems which they may not be aware work ‘invisibly’ to help them avoid an accident.

The full range of electrified models will be available for viewing and testing, and participants will also be able to learn about the Swedish carmaker’s heritage and innovations which have made it a leader in automobile safety.

Volvo C40 Recharge EV [2023]
The latest Volvo range will be available for viewing and testing, including the fully electric C40 Recharge.
Free for Volvo owners
There will be two sessions on each of the days, each session lasting 4 hours. Volvo owners can participate at no charge but non-owners will be charged RM100. Slots are limited and are available on a first-come, first served basis. It goes without saying that all participants must have a valid driving licence.


The rest of the family can come along too and enjoy a view of the city from an angle they may not have seen before. There will also be a play area for the little ones to keep them occupied and refreshments will be available.

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