Use TnG eWallet for parking payments in KL/Putrajaya and 5 states

Touch’nGo (TnG) is well established as a card for electronic toll payments either by manual tapping or using a SmartTAG. In recent years, the company has also introduced a TnG  eWallet for use with RFID tags at toll plazas as well as for various types of cashless transactions.

Now the TnG eWallet can also be used to pay for on-street parking in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Kelantan, Terengganu, Perak, and Putrajaya.


Easy way to make payment
To make payment for street parking using the TnG facility, look for is easy and hassle-free. Simply tap the Parking icon under ‘Services’ on the TnG eWallet home screen. Select ‘Pay For Parking Now‘ to choose the location (the device’s location services should be active to ensure the correct location) and add vehicle details. Payment can then be confirmed if the eWallet has sufficient balance.

“Touch ‘n Go eWallet is the first eWallet in Malaysia to offer complete coverage for on-street parking in both Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. With this, we are addressing pain points experienced by our users, especially with the removal of parking payment machines. No more skipping payment for parking, and drivers no longer need to search for parking ticket machines or paper tickets,” said Alan Ni, CEO of TNG Digital Sdn Bhd.

TnG eWallet Parking

Promotion for parking feature
To encourage more TnG eWallet users to use the parking payment service on the app, the company  is running a promotion until August 4 2023. Motorists who make parking payments with a minimum spending of 40 sen using the eWallet’s parking feature during the campaign period will be entitled to a one-time cashback of up to 50 sen. The cashback promotion is valid for the first 250,000 eligible transactions and will cease either when the promotion is fully utilised or when the campaign ends.

On top of that, motorists who make a minimum of 5 payments during this period, with a spending of at least 40 sen each time, will also stand a chance to win prizes such as Playstation 5, Realme phone, or RM100 reload PINs.

Smart Selangor Parking and JomParking
TnG eWallet’s coverage is extensive so it is useful for those who travel to other towns and cities a lot and have to park their vehicles along the streets. There are also other parking apps for cashless payment like JomParking with specific areas of coverage and for those in Selangor, the Smart Selangor app includes payments for parking as well.

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