Toyota Hiace Panel Van for 2024 gets upsized engine

Although pick-up trucks have the capability of being used in workhorse roles, the traditional panel van is still in demand by small and big businesses. It offers enclosed storage, keeping goods safe and protected from rain and dust, and the larger vans have large cargo volumes.

One of the trusty panel vans in the Malaysian market for decades has been the Toyota Hiace. Though it is in a segment that is in the ‘background’, it has been improved periodically to provide better performance and efficiency as well as keep emissions low.

Toyota Hiace [2024]

Upsized turbodiesel engine
The latest 2024 model comes with an enhanced 3-litre 4-cylinder turbodiesel engine, an upgrade from the previous engine which had a 2.5-litre displacement. The 1KD-FTV commonrail engine, which meets Euro-4 emission standards, delivers up to 136 ps/300 Nm, with maximum torque available from 1,200 rpm. Together with the robust 5-speed manual transmission, the Hiace has enough capability to move heavy loads across town or across the country.

Toyota Hiace 1K-FTV 3-litre turbodiesel engine

Toyota Hiace 3.0 [2024]

The 4695 mm long body has a cargo bed length of 2900 metres with wide openings at the rear and side for easy loading and unloading.

Toyota Hiace [2024]

Passenger car convenience
In the past, such vehicles used to have few convenience and comfort features as they were regarded as merely commercial vehicles. However, with its modern vans like the Hiace, Toyota has given the occupants (the driver in particular) the same consideration as for those in passenger cars.

Toyota Hiace 3.0 [2024]

There is a comfortable and spacious cabin area for two with an air-conditioner, power windows, central locking (with auto door-locking) audio system (with optional 7-inch touchscreen), various connectivity options, fabric upholstery and a RFID tag for quick passage through toll plazas.

Toyota Hiace [2024]

Toyota Hiace [2024]

Active and passive safety
Safety is also not forgotten and the Toyota Global Outstanding Assessment bodyshell ensures the occupants are well protected during collisions. Other safety features to help the driver avoid accidents are ABS and LSP & BV (Load-Sensing Proportioning & Bypass Valve), the latter ensuring that braking pressure is balanced to match the distribution of the load within.

Should an accident be unavoidable, there are SRS airbags at the front to cushion the occupant’s heads and reduce injuries. There is also a Safe Brake Pedal design which reduces intrusion of the brake pedal further into the cabin during a frontal collision.

To help the driver while parking are reverse sensors and a reverse camera to give a clear view of the area behind the vehicle. The turning radius of 5 metres would also be helpful when manoeuvring in tight spaces.

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Protecting the vehicle
A security system reduces the risk of vehicle theft and for vehicle tracking, owners can include the optional Vehicle Telematics System which uses GPS/GSM signals to determine the vehicle’s location at any time. Vehicle owners can also add optional front and rear digital video recorders to document journeys should an incident occur and evidence is needed. There is also an emergency kit with first aid items, jumper cables, and a safety triangle.

Toyota Hiace [2024]

The new Hiace Panel Van 3.0L will be available in the near future and authorised dealers are accepting bookings now. Pricing starts from RM123,000 and there is a warranty of 3 years or maximum of 100,000 kms. To know more, visit

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