Toyota Australia launches bZ4X EV with full service leasing option

Range anxiety – whether you can find a place to recharge after travelling a long distance – is one of the practical concerns of people who think about owning an EV. The coverage of charging stations is also not large in some countries and it may not be convenient for some to access.

Uncertain resale value
There are also uncertainties about the resale value of EVs after some years of ownership. They are new in the market and while the situation in China (the world’s largest EV market) may have stabilised, the value of used EVs is an unknown in other countries. It doesn’t help that the next owner will be thinking of the cost of a battery replacement, which may be many thousands of ringgit, and factor that into how much to pay for a used EV.

Toyota bZ4X EV e-TNGA platform
Toyota Australia’s full service leasing plan is like a subscription plan where all running costs are covered for over a few years.

Launching the bZ4X this month, Toyota Australia has noted such concerns. It offers a wide range of electrified options so customers have a choice and those who want to own an EV (to save the planet or for other reasons), it is offering the bZ4X with a full-service lease option through Toyota Finance Australia.

All running costs covered
This option is like a subscription plan where all running costs are covered. These include scheduled servicing and maintenance, mechanical repairs, replacement tyres, Roadside Assist, Toyota Comprehensive Insurance, and registration and compulsory third-party insurance, all for one single monthly payment over a period of a few years.

It’s a good way for those who are wondering about whether an EV will be right for their lifestyle. They get to use it for a few years rather than make a commitment on a hire-purchase loan for many years and might then find themselves stuck with it if they find it not compatible with their lives.

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No hassles of disposing
This approach makes owning an EV easier and while the customer may not own it at the end of the lease term, there is also no worry about how much the SUV will be worth, not to mention the hassle of finding a buyer.

2024 Toyota bZ4X EV
The bZ4X on display at UMW Toyota Motor’s Beyond Zero event.

bZ4X coming to Malaysia too
UMW Toyota Motor also has plans to introduce the bZ4X in Malaysia. In fact, the launch of the model has been long mentioned and might not be far away as the company displayed it recently at its Beyond Zero event. Whether they will also offer a lease or subscription plan is not known but making a fully electric model available is in line with Toyota’s multi-pathway approach towards carbon neutrality. Customers can choose how they want to do their part in reducing carbon emissions but no one will be left behind in the quest to carbon neutrality.

Subscription for EVs in Malaysia
Some companies are already offering EVs under subscription plans, among them GoCar Malaysia. This company has a few different EV models to choose from and you can even get one for a day or two. Edaran Tan Chong Motor also offers a subscription plan for its Nissan LEAF with a monthly rate of RM1,800 over a period of 3 years. More premium EVs like the BMW iX are also available from FLUX.

UMW Toyota Motor shows how it is going ‘Beyond Zero’

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