The most expensive car parts and accessories sold on eBay

The most expensive car parts and accessories purchased on eBay, the world’s first online marketplace, have been revealed for the first time.

The top 10 so far this year (on its UK site) includes everything from exotic engines and rare bespoke luggage to a replacement electric vehicle battery.

BMW V8 engine

First and second places on the list of the biggest buys during the first 6 months of the year were both BMW V8 engines, with the second-placed item a Certified Recycled listing which sold for nearly £9,500 (about RM57,240).

Items listed under the Certified Recycled programme have all parts vetted, warrantied and only supplied from end-of-life vehicles from approved sellers.

Ferrari 512 TR Schedoni luggage set
Ferrari 512 TR Schedoni luggage set

The third most expensive item sold on the platform was a ceramic brake set-up for a Mercedes-AMG GT. While Ferrari parts might be expected to feature highly in such a chart, the most expensive part from the sportscar maker wasn’t an engine or body part. It was a set of tailored Schedoni luggage for a classic 1990s Ferrari 512 TR, which sold for £8,493 (about RM51,200).

Demand for used EV parts
Showcasing the breadth of products listed on eBay’s car parts and accessories portal – and the growing popularity of electric vehicles in the UK – is the ninth-ranked listing. It is for a 40 kWh battery pack for a Nissan LEAF, for which the seller was paid £7,859.99 (about RM47,370).

Nissan LEAF battery pack
Nissan LEAF battery pack

“We’re seeing increasing numbers of electric vehicle parts being listed on the site and that is reflected in our rundown, with a complete battery pack for a Nissan LEAF showing the value of so-called second-life EV batteries – we expect to see more and more of these as they have a variety of applications, many of which extend beyond reuse in an automotive context,” said Laura Richards, eBay’s category lead, vehicle parts and accessories UK.

eBay 2023 listings

Consumers keeping cars longer
With consumers finding their finances being squeezed harder and faster in all areas of their lives, many are having to live with their vehicles for longer – resulting in increased wear and tear and the need for more repairs to keep them running.

“The increasing number of parts required and an ever-greater focus on the environmental impact of everything we do and buy, Certified Recycled parts available through eBay deliver cost-savings of up to 70% compared to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, as of 2021. They also help reduce the amount of matter going to waste, as well as the emissions associated with the production and distribution of brand new replacement parts,” said Dr Tony Tong, Head of eBay Automotive UK.

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