Tesla introduces Referral Program for owners in Malaysia

Tesla Malaysia has introduced a program which will enable those who own its electric vehicles (Model 3 and Model Y as well as Model X and Model S) to earn benefits through referrals for first-time customers to order Tesla products.

At this time, the referral links can only be used for the purchase of the Model 3 and Model Y from Tesla. Existing owners are limited to 12 order referrals per calendar year.

Tesla EV

5,000 credits given
Once registered for the “Refer and Earn” referral program, owners can send others a referral link from the Tesla app which they should already have and which would be linked to their personal account. If their friends use the link to order a Tesla EV, they will get 5,000 referral credits in their account when the vehicle is delivered.

What can credits be used for
The credits can be redeemed for benefits shown in the Tesla app, such as Tesla apparel and merchandise as well as Supercharging credits. They cannot be used to purchase merchandise or accessories from the Tesla Shop, nor can they be applied to any other Tesla product or service. The credits expire after 12 months (Supercharging credits expire 6 months from their respective Grant Dates).

Click here for Terms & Conditions of program

Tesla Shop accessories
Purchases from the Tesla Shop online, such as these charging cables, can also earn credits.

Additionally, Tesla owners can also automatically earn 10,000 credits as loyalty benefits when they purchase additional qualifying Tesla products using the same Tesla Account. Loyalty benefits for each account can only be earned up to 5 times.

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