Ten most expensive car items sold on eBay UK in 2023

Performance engines, carbonfibre monocoques for high-end performance cars and exclusive numberplates were the most expensive car parts and accessories sold on eBay UK during 2023. They were among the 1.9 billion listings on one of the UK’s biggest online automotive marketplaces.

The 3 most expensive items
According to data released by the company, the top two biggest buys for last year were from the performance car category.

Top of the list was a BMW M5 4.4-litre V8 petrol engine, which was bought for £12,289 (RM73,759). Next was the carbonfibre monocoque for a McLaren P1, which sold for  £9,102.16 (RM54,703). Third place was taken by a set of carbonfibre ceramic brakes for a BMW M3/M4 which had a transaction price of £8,983.56 (RM53,991).

BMW M5 engine

Along with the parts for high-end performance cars, the Top 10 list also included the exclusive vehicle registration of TSY1, which was bought for £8,192.26 (RM49,174).

eBay UK Top Ten items sold in 2023

Exclusive Ferrari luggage too
Although you’d expect the Ferrari items to be in the list, they were not among the most expensive purchases on the platform. Last year, the most expensive item associated with the sportscar brand wasn’t a famous engine or carbonfibre body part. Instead, it was a complete set of tailored luggage for the company’s 456GT. Purchased on New Year’s day, the buyer paid £1,385.53 (RM8,327).

There are also listings for luggage sets which were exclusively tailored for various Ferrari models.

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Most searched items
Data from eBay UK also revealed the most searched-for items over the last 12 months. The most popular search term for car parts and accessories customers was for ‘Snap On’, the high-end tool and accessory maker.

In second place were searches for a ‘trailer’ and the Classic Mini clearly remains a big favourite among enthusiasts as it featured in third in list.

Dashcams ranked fifth showing that drivers are keen to have such an accessory in their vehicle. It’s perhaps more to keep themselves protected (with video evidence of an incident) than to record their journeys.


“Looking at our list of the 10 most expensive parts and accessories sold on eBay in 2023 demonstrates the diversity and breadth of what UK motoring enthusiasts have been working on. It includes everything from the building blocks of a modern hypercar and advanced brake technology to complete sports car engines,” noted an eBay vehicle parts and accessories spokesperson.

He added: “We’re seeing increasing numbers of electric vehicle parts being listed on the site and that is reflected in our rundown, with a complete battery pack for a Tesla Model 3 showing the value of so-called second-life EV batteries. We expect to see more and more of these as they have a variety of applications, many of which extend beyond reuse in an automotive context.

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