TCIE rolls out first locally-assembled Euro5 UD Trucks

Since the mid-1990s, exhaust emission levels of commercial vehicles have been progressively reduced to protect the environment. Besides periodically updated emission regulations, the manufacturers have also introduced new engines with cleaner engines, while the petroleum industry has upgraded its product standards with significantly reduced sulphur content, especially at the Euro5 level.

Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE), which is the sole distributor for UD Trucks, has also kept pace with the changes and recently rolled out the first units of locally-assembled trucks which meet the Euro5 standard.

Assembled at Tan Chong plant
These are the heavy-duty Quester and medium-duty Croner which are assembled at the Tan Chong Motor Assemblies Sdn Bhd plant in Segambut, Kuala Lumpur.

UD Trucks

First Japanese truck brand
UD Trucks is the first Japanese brand to launch and assemble heavy-duty and medium-duty Euro5 trucks in Malaysia, exceeding the Euro4 emission regulations that will come into effect from April 1 2024 in this market.

The new trucks use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to significantly boost environmental protection and fuel economy. This technology can reduce toxic nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 60% and particulate matter by 80%, compared to current Euro3 levels. Additionally, CO2 emissions are lower while fuel consumption has been reduced.

UD Trucks

AdBlue, a safe-to-use diesel exhaust fluid used in vehicles with SCR technology to reduce NOx from being released into the atmosphere, will be available at all TCIE’s 26 branches and dealers throughout Malaysia.

UD Trucks

Offering sustainable transport solutions
“As a sustainability leader among the Japanese trucks brand globally and with a long-standing history of innovation, UD Trucks is committed to continuously offer superior emissions control technology for higher efficiency and cleaner environment. Our new Euro5 truck range underlines our corporate purpose of creating ‘Better Life’ for the people, planet and business through sustainable transport solutions,” said Steve Hedouin, Managing Director Hub Malaysia, UD Trucks.

“The new Euro 5 range, locally-assembled by our experienced partner in Tan Chong Group, will give our customers in Malaysia the opportunity to embrace positive changes and future-proofing their logistics operations in a more competitive manner. We are confident that the new locally-assembled Euro5 Quester and Croner will deliver integrated sustainability across our customers’ logistics operations and processes,” added Mr. Hedouin.

UD Trucks

Speaking on behalf of TCIE, its Chief Operating Officer, Say Teck Ming, said: “As part of the Tan Chong Group, we are proud to roll-out the new locally-assembled Euro5 UD Quester and Croner, as it signifies the enduring partnership between UD Trucks and TCIE. We have been assembling the Quester and Croner since 2016 and 2018. respectively, and to continue with the new Euro5 range is an understandable and beneficial rationale for all our stakeholders, especially our customers.”

Customers support environmental protection
Mr. Say added that many of TCIE’s long-time customers have actually expressed their willingness to support environmental sustainability and implement greener trucking solutions. “Whenever they are prepared to do so, UD Trucks and TCIE are always ready to render the assistance and knowledge that would help them transition to cleaner fleet within cost-effective measures for the long run,” he added.

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