Stellantis to grow dealer network in Malaysia

Stellantis Malaysia, which has its own national sales company as well as assembly plant (in Kedah), will be growing its dealer network during 2024. It currently has 8 authorised dealers in Peninsular Malaysia and one in East Malaysia. The company aims to add at least 28 more outlets, of which 5 will be in East Malaysia.

Dealerships to handle all brands
An interesting aspect of its business model for dealers is that they will be able to handle the different brands of the Stellantis group at the same location. Thus, a dealership may have Peugeot models in the showroom alongside Citroen and Jeep models, and also provide aftersales support for all the brands.

Stellantis dealer network in Malaysia

This differs from the usual practice by large groups with multiple brands in their portfolio. Each brand is supposed to stand alone in a distinct way, though showrooms can be side by side along the same road.

Stellantis dealership in South Africa
The multi-brand dealership concept already used at Stellantis dealerships in some other countries (showroom in South Africa shown) will also be adopted in Malaysia.

However, Stellantis Malaysia understands that it would be impractical for its dealers to set up individual outlets for a single brand as the sales volumes may not be large to justify the investment. So it would be better to have them build a large facility that can house a few brands. Of course, as time goes by, if a brand starts to generate larger numbers, then the dealer might think of giving it a more individual location.

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Focus on four brands
At this time, Stellantis Malaysia is planning to focus on four brands – Peugeot, Citroen, Jeep and the Leapmotor EV brand from China. Selected models of these brands will be assembled at the plant in Gurun, Kedah, for the Malaysian market as well as for export to neighbouring countries.

Stellantis Malaysia brand focus

Leapmotor TO3 EV
One of the models in the EV range of Leapmotor. Stellantis took a 20% share in the 8-year old Chinese company in 2023. This has also led to the formation of Leapmotor International, a 51:49 Stellantis-led joint venture to handle the brand  outside Greater China.
Peugeot assembly at Stellantis plant in Kedah (4)
Assembly of a Peugeot model at the plant in Kedah.

What about Alfa Romeo?
As for brands like Alfa Romeo, the word is that it will be considered but the company is not expecting big volumes. It has been showing the Tonale to investors and business partners so that’s one model that could be coming. More importantly, if Stellantis Malaysia does bring the Italian brand in officially, then proper aftersales support will be available because that is an obligation as a brand owner.

Alfa Romeo Tonale [2023]
Alfa Romeo Tonale must be among the models being considered for the Malaysian market as Stellantis Malaysia has been showing it to business partners.
The company will be showcasing a number of models at the coming Malaysia Auto Show in May. Besides the new Peugeot 408 and Landtrek, there will be other models and some of them will be assembled or sold in due course.

Peugeot 408 and Landtrek
Two of the new Peugeot models that will be making their debut in the near future.

Stellantis Malaysia call centre for Citroen, Peugeot and DS Automobile brands

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