Proton partners e-bidding companies to enhance trade-in process

While selling new vehicles is important for car companies, trade-ins are just as important as a large proportion of customers (up to 70%) usually have an old model to trade-in for the new one that they want. Typically, car companies take the trade-ins and then sell them to used car dealers if the customer has difficulty disposing themselves.

Now Proton is making the trade-in process easier for customers by collaborating with e-bidding companies (EBCs). The three companies which have established strategic partnerships with Proton are myTukar, MUV and CARSOME.

Enhancing the trade-in process
With these partnerships, customers can have enhanced convenience, trustworthiness, competitive trade-in values, transparency in pricing, secure payment and convenient ownership transfer.

Additionally, through their, daily auctions, there is faster disposal as well. Customers can send their vehicles for auction through a user-friendly online platform. This reduces the need to visit multiple dealerships or negotiate with potential buyers, saving them valuable time and effort.

The transparent pricing model ensures that customers can make informed decisions during the trade-in process while the payment and ownership transfer processes are expedited to minimize any potential delays or complications, providing customers with a seamless experience.

Better purchasing experience for customers
“Proton is the first carmaker to form strategic partnerships with EBCs. We are thrilled to join forces with myTukar, MUV and CARSOME as we believe this transforms the trade-in experience for our customers. By leveraging on their expertise in e-commerce and auction platforms, the EBCs offer our customers a seamless and reliable solution for disposing of their trade-in cars, while also receiving competitive trade-in values,” said Roslan Abdullah, Deputy CEO of Proton.

“Over the last five years, Proton has increased the number of models offered and updated our current line-up, while improving product quality and introducing connectivity technology in our models. Consumer confidence has increased due to these efforts as well as improvements made at the dealership level. Working with EBCs will help to enhance these efforts as well as the trade-in value of our models while helping to facilitate customers who intend to upgrade their vehicles,” he added.

Since 2020, Proton has also been involved in the used car business with the Proton Certified Pre-Owned website which lists current stocks of pre-owned vehicles available at dealers nationwide.

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