PLUS to increase number of shelters for motorcyclists on its highways

A close look at the statistics of vehicle accidents in Malaysia will show that motorcyclists make up the largest percentage, with riders accounting for 59% of deaths. While there are many accidents caused by irresponsible mat rempits, there are also many which are due to unfortunate situations and in a collision with a car, the motorcycle is usually on the losing end.

Unlike drivers of cars, motorcyclists are also more vulnerable and exposed, with risks increasing in bad weather conditions. If the rain is very heavy, they have no choice but to pull over by the side of the road. If there are safe sheltered areas, that’s fortunate for them but on highways, such facilities might not be available.

PLUS motorcvcle shelter on highway

Shelters specially for motorcyclists
Understanding the vulnerability of motorcyclists, PLUS Malaysia Berhad takes the needs of this group seriously. Since the early 2000s, the highway concessionaire has been providing dedicated shelter facilities for motorcyclists to make sure they have safe journeys on the highways.

“At present, PLUS highways are equipped with 214 motorcycle shelter facilities for motorcyclists. They consist of 2 types, with 28 Stand-alone shelters and 186 Under Bridge shelters,” said PLUS Senior General Manager of Operations, Mohd Yusuf Abdul Aziz.

More shelters by next year
“PLUS is ready to add 22 more motorcycle shelter facilities, including 6 Stand-alone shelters and 16 Under Bridge shelters. These are expected to be completed in stages from this year until the second quarter of 2024,” he said.

PLUS motorcvcle shelter on highway

In addition to these dedicated shelter facilities, PLUS also advises motorcyclists to seek shelter at the R&R areas, lay-bys, or nearby petrol stations along the highway if they encounter severe weather or heavy rain. When stopped at shelters, they should remain behind the guardrail.

PLUS motorcvcle shelter on highway

Dangerous to stop under bridges
Stopping in the emergency lane and under bridges where there are no shelters by the side is very dangerous and should not be done unless there is an emergency. Motorists may not see them or may be using the emergency lane and serious accidents can occur, especially if there is a large group stopped in the emergency lane.

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