NIO previews ET9 flagship model 2 years ahead of launch

The NIO ET9 will be the flagship of the brand when it enters the market in early 2025. The smart electric executive model adopts the Landjet design with an overall body length of 5325 mm and width of 2016 mm.

NIO ET9 EV [2025]17 world-first technologies
The cabin offers comfortable space for four persons, with the rear seats having 24 self-developed patented technologies. These are among the 17 world-first technologies, 52 leading technologies, and 525 patents filed, establishing the ET9 as a new technological benchmark for electric vehicles.
NIO ET9 EV [2025]The SkyRide Intelligent Chassis System of NIO ET9 integrates 3 core hardware systems – steer-by-wire, rear-wheel steering, and full active suspension – making it the world’s only driven-by-wire intelligent chassis.

900V architecture
The ET9 will have China’s first Full-Domain 900V Architecture (up to 925V), charging peak power of 600kW, and charging peak current of 765A. The 900V ultra-fast charging and swapping platform allows fast recharging after a 3-minute battery swap or extending the range by 255 kms with a 5-minute charge.

NIO ET9 EV [2025]

NIO ET9 EV [2025]

Designed following aviation-grade safety standards, the ET9 has safety redundancy in key systems related to driving, braking, sensing, computing, communication, and power distribution.

NIO ET9 EV [2025]

NIO’s 150-kWh battery pack can do 1,000 kilometres

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