New Guinness World Record – 218 km/h inside a building!

Formula E driver Jake Hughes recently set a new Guinness World Records title for the fastest speed achieved by a vehicle inside a building, reaching 218.71 km/h. This was more than 50 km/h faster than the existing record set in 2021.

GENBETA project
The record-breaking car was developed under the GENBETA project.

This is a new innovation and development programme created by Formula E and the FIA using the all-electric GEN3 racing car with increased power output and modifications by SABIC and Hankook.

Introduced this season in Formula E, the GEN3 is the fastest, lightest, most powerful and efficient electric racing car ever built. With a top speed of more than 322 km/h, the GEN3 is used by the 11 teams and 22 drivers in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

Higher power output
Enhanced battery power output of 400kW, up from standard 350 kW in the GEN3, through the activation of the front powertrain kit in traction, delivered all-wheel drive for the first time in a Formula E car.

Formula E GENBETA Guinness World Record

The new iON Race with a softer tyre compound which allowed faster warm-up and better peak grip was developed by Hankook, official tyre supplier of Formula E.

3D printed front wing endplates, wheel fins and a wind deflector with circular, more sustainable thermoplastic solutions developed by SABIC, optimised aerodynamics for enhanced straight line speed.

Formula E GENBETA Guinness World Record

To set the official indoor landspeed record (verified by officials of the Guinness World Records organisation), the GENBETA car had to set off from a static start and come to a complete halt inside one continuous building structure which was the ExCeL London events arena.

The indoor straight was part of the 2.09-km track which is unique in world motorsport and was used for the final two races in the 2023 Formula E World Championship.

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