JPN chooses Isuzu D-MAX for transport to remote areas

Although a large proportion of the population lives in urban areas, there are still many in remote areas that are deep in the countryside. To reach their villages can be challenging as there may be poor roads or just tracks, which normal vehicles may not be able to travel on.

For personnel of the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (National Registration Department) who have an ongoing exercise to register citizens, being able to travel to remote areas therefore requires capable vehicles . This is especially so for many Orang Asli villages in various states.

Isuzu D-MAX3.0 Premium [2023]

To provide the personnel with more capable vehicles that can transport them safely and comfortably to such areas, the JPN selected the Isuzu D-MAX pick-up truck. While it has various vehicles in its fleet, this is the first time that the Isuzu vehicles are chosen.

The latest D-MAX exemplifies the modern pick-up trucks which are quite different from the pick-ups of earlier years. The D-MAX is more like a passenger car with two rows of seating and just as comfortable. Furthermore, there are all the conveniences like a passenger car, as well as active safety systems.

Isuzu D-MAX3.0 Premium [2023]

Apart from the vehicle’s powerful yet efficient 3-litre engine mated to an advanced 4×4 system there is a differential lock for superior off-road traction.

Another key feature of the D-MAX is its water-wading ability. Being able to cross streams or flooded areas with water up to 800 mm deep is certainly important for the JPN missions.

Isuzu D-MAX3.0 Premium [2023]

Isuzu D-MAX3.0 Premium [2023]

Isuzu D-MAX3.0 Premium [2023]

For additional capability, the vehicles for the JPN have been fitted with an electric winch, bull bars, a canopy and mud terrain tyres.

Isuzu D-MAX for JPN [2023]
The 3 units of D-MAX were recently delivered to the JPN and received by its the Director General, Zamri bin Misman.
Speaking at the handover ceremony recently, the Chief Operating Officer of Isuzu Malaysia, Kenkichi Sogo, said that Isuzu’s proven reputation as a trusted vehicle would positively enhance the efficiency and capabilities of the department’s tasks.

“Isuzu pick-up trucks have proudly earned the recognition and established a reputation of being capable vehicles in all kinds of challenging terrain. Isuzu’s ability to get the job done has been second to none and we are confident that these new D-MAX trucks will be able to serve the needs of JPN in their tasks,” said Mr. Sogo.

The three Isuzu vehicles will be put to service at the JPN offices in Kuala Mu, Perak; Gua Musang, Kelantan; and Kuala Rompin in Pahang. They will also provide transport for personnel of the Jabatan Kemajuan Orang Asli and enter remote Orang Asli villages in order to register villagers, particularly newborns.

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