JAECOO J7 undergoes tough testing in local conditions

JAECOO, one of the brands in Chery’s range, has already previewed the two products it will enter the Malaysian market with during 2024. While the official launch of the first model – the J7 SUV – is still some months away, the company has been busy not only setting up its network but also putting the model through testing in local conditions.

While tropical conditions like high temperatures and humidity are known to manufacturers, the roughness of the terrain can vary in different countries. There may also be some unique conditions which manufacturers may not foresee and if they can learn about such conditions, they can improve their vehicles to cope better.

JAECOO J7 [2024]

To collect such data for JAECOO engineers in China, its local subsidiary has been putting the J7 through rigorous tests at the Malaysia 4WD Training and Experience Centre (M4TREC) in Semenyih, Selangor. The facility is situated in an area with complex and challenging terrain which can place great demands on off-road vehicle performance.

JAECOO J7 [2024]

Built-in toughness
Although JAECOO is focussed more on the premium segment, it doesn’t mean that owners of its SUV will not take their vehicles off-road. After all, some may have durian plantations or weekend homes in the countryside which they may visit and the tracks may be rough. So just as Land Rover makes its premium products tougher and more capable than they probably need to be, JAECOO will also do the same.


M4TREC’s experienced off-road drivers took the J7 through a variety of challenging obstacles during testing. These included roller ramps, articulation tests, ridge crossings, and steep slope. According to JAECOO Malaysia, the J7 exhibited ‘peer-leading ability to get out of tough road conditions as well as impact resistance, effortlessly conquering diverse obstacles’.

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1.6-litre TGDI engine, 7-DCT
The J7 is powered by a 1.6-litre TGDI engine with 197 ps/290 Nm of output, comparable to naturally-aspirated engines with larger displacements. It uses a 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission said to be able to shift ratios within 0.2 seconds.

JAECOO J7 [2024]

Due to their extra ground clearance, SUVs are taller which means their centre of gravity is higher. This has implications on stability and the engineers have tuned the chassis to be able to maintain stability in the ‘moose test’ at 80 km/h. This is a test that simulates avoiding a moose (or other obstacle on the road) by suddenly swerving to the left or right.

JAECOO J7 [2024]

Advanced stability control system
The J7’s advanced All Road Drive Intelligent System is a major contributor to stability, reacting with 0.1 second 4WD instant intervention. Moreover, the Integrated Power Brake system has high integration with related systems, provides faster braking with no performance decay.

JAECOO J7 [2024]

“The J7’s remarkable off-road capabilities left us astounded, exemplified by its seamless navigation through the rugged and demanding terrain at M4TREC,” one of the testers at M4TREC remarked.

The name JAECOO is formed by a fusion of the German word ‘Jäger’ (hunter)and the English word ‘Cool’. Launched in 2023, it is one of the brands in the Chery range. The brand name is intended for use in export markets where it will focus on the premium segment.

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