Hyundai-Motional IONIQ 5 Robotaxi to be made in Singapore

Besides the official opening of the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre Singapore (HMGICS) recently, the Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) also announced that it will manufacture the IONIQ 5 Robotaxi at its new facility in the republic.

The Robotaxi is a joint development between HMG and Motional, a 3-year old American company which specialises in autonomous vehicles (AVs). The first production-ready IONIQ 5 Robotaxis will be deployed as part of Motional’s commercial services in the USA, starting in 2024.

Hyundai-Motional IONIQ 5 Robotaxi EV [2023]

A SAE Level 4 AV pioneer
The IONIQ 5 Robotaxi is one of the first SAE Level 4 autonomous vehicles (AVs) to be certified under the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). Level 4 is one step below the ultimate of full autonomy where the vehicle can operate on its own to go anywhere and without the need for human monitoring.

Level 4 autonomy allows for hands-off motoring but the driver must still monitor, and there is still the condition that the vehicle can only be used in certain areas and up to certain speeds. This is why many Level 4 AVs are used for commercial transport services at this time.

SAE Autonomous Levels

The certification for the IONIQ 5 Robotaxi is a testament to the vehicle’s incredibly thorough development and testing program, its safety and reliability, and the sophistication of the autonomous technology, according to Motional President & CEO, Karl Iagnemma.

Hyundai Motional IONIQ 5 Robotaxi EV [2023]

Commenting on HMGICS’ role in bringing the IONIQ 5 Robotaxi from development to production reality, CEO of HMGICS, Hong Bum Jung, said: “HMGICS stands as Hyundai Motor Group’s first global innovation hub and global test bed for future mobility. Our mission at HMGICS is to revolutionize the mobility value chain by developing and producing advanced and diverse forms of future mobility solutions. Commencing production of the IONIQ 5 Robotaxi in collaboration with Motional, we are committed to a continuous journey of innovation, aiming to spearhead the paradigm shift in the future of mobility.”

HMGICS can also produce AVs
HMGICS combines advanced automation and real-time monitoring and data evaluation to push the boundaries of what’s possible in production. It’s also equipped with advanced features bespoke to HMGICS to support AV production, including testing facilities and a calibration centre.

Hyundai Motional IONIQ 5 Robotaxi EV [2023]

Hyundai Motional IONIQ 5 Robotaxi EV [2023]

Motional has deployed a team on site to assist with production. These employees are located at the Autonomous Vehicle Integration Center and will perform critical diagnostics, software development, calibration and validation tasks to ensure that finished examples of the IONIQ 5 Robotaxi meet exacting specifications and are ready for deployment.

Hyundai Motional IONIQ 5 Robotaxi EV [2023]
Besides real-world testing in Singapore, Motional has also given some 10,000 rides with its AVs in Las Vegas (below) on a trial basis.

Hyundai-Motional IONIQ 5 Robotaxi EV [2023]

Prototypes tested in Singapore and USA
Motional and the Group have been preparing for the production of the IONIQ 5 Robotaxi for several years, including the development of a limited series of prototype vehicles that have been tested in the USA and Singapore for over a year. The initial fleet of Robotaxis recently completed a series of evaluations designed to demonstrate the quality, performance, and maturity of the AV and its autonomous driving technology.

Commercial production of the IONIQ 5 Robotaxi is underway, and the first models have already arrived at Motional’s facility in the USA. The vehicles are undergoing Motional’s rigorous testing and safety validation processes before beginning commercial service in 2024.

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