High-tech trophy for winner of Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix

At the conclusion of each Formula 1 race, the presentation of the trophy to the winner is one of the iconic moments of the event. After the tough battle against other equally skilled drivers, the winner receives the trophy and by tradition, holds it high and then gives it a celebratory kiss.

This year, that tradition became a high-tech moment when Max Verstappen, winner of 2023 Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix, kissed the trophy. As he received the trophy, indicator lights on the trophy pinpointed a spot on it. The moment he kissed at the spot, the trophy came ‘alive’ from its core with the colours of the winning driver’s national flag, in this case the red, white and blue of the Netherlands.

The one-of-a-kind spectacle used micro-switch technology by Lenovo, the title sponsor of the Japanese Grand Prix and also the Official Technology Partner of Formula 1. A second ‘kiss-activated’ trophy will be presented at the 2023 US Grand Prix in October, which Lenovo is also title sponsor of.

Designed by Pininfarina
Also involved as designer of the trophy was Pininfarina of America. The historically significant studio designed the trophy to resemble the air intake of an F1 car, while a parametric pattern echoes the proportions of the Lenovo logo.

“For Pininfarina, with its unparalleled heritage rooted in the automotive tradition, it’s an honour to be a part of Formula 1’s history with this innovative tech-driven trophy, created for a partner like Lenovo, which shares our deep passion,” said Paolo Trevisan, Vice-President of Design for Pininfarina of America.

“Formula 1 represents the pinnacle of automotive competition, where design plays a pivotal role. Just as each car on the track stands as a testament to human dedication to innovation, our trophy embodies the essence of craftsmanship and forward-thinking aesthetics. It serves not only as a symbol of victory but also as a reflection of our rich legacy and our values of elegance, purity, and innovation,” he said.

“Dreamed up by Lenovo and fashioned by iconic design firm Pininfarina, the trophy’s striking shape mirrors the air intake on F1 cars and features a parametric pattern that echoes the proportions of the Lenovo logo,” explains Marchington.

During a race weekend, the operations of Formula 1 will process 200+ terabytes of data.

Official Technology Partner since 2022
Lenovo joined Formula 1 as its Official Technology Partner last year with a multi-year deal which will see the Chinese multi-national company’s technologies used across F1’s operations, from the race to the track to the live broadcast.

“We’ve got to make a million and one moving pieces synchronize and all come together in perfect harmony for race weekend,” explained Chris Roberts, IT Director at Formula 1. “It’s about ensuring that innovation comes together and it must be 100% operational for fans. That’s a lot of people, and that’s a lot of software to get working together. Lenovo’s very much a one-stop shop for us, which is fantastic. We not only get amazing technology but also access to some of the best techies and expertise to help us build solutions.”

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