High-performance sleepwear for NISMO fans!

For most people, going to sleep is, well, just going to sleep. There wouldn’t be much thought given to what to wear and how they look in bed – which would also be pointless since the lights are off anyway. But Nissan must believe that fans of the brand, especially NISMO, take their enthusiasm for the brand to bed as well.

Limited edition – only 50 sets
For such enthusiasts, the company has launched a line of  ‘performance-oriented sleepwear’ created by in collaboration with high-end athletic streetwear designer, Daniel Patrick. The inspiring sleepwear that might help with a better night’s rest, suggests Nissan, is known as The Fast Asleep capsule collection. Limited to just 50 pieces each, the pajama set is US$250 (RM1,180) with the robe priced at US$175 (RM824).

The Fast Capsule Collection by Daniel Patrick x NISMO

The Fast Capsule Collection by Daniel Patrick x NISMO

For inspiration, Patrick spent time behind the wheel of the Z NISMO while he was designing the sleepwear, and was drawn to its combination of track-ready focus with distinctive styling. “The Z NISMO is the purest expression of design and performance, and these characteristics are always found in my designs,” he said. “I wanted to evoke a feeling of comfort and premium fit using signature materials that gave a wink to the classic NISMO features enthusiasts really love.”

Inspired by the Z NISMO
The Fast Asleep collection, which consists of a pajama set and accompanying dress robe with NISMO logos, has a NISMO-inspired colour scheme with the red accents and adornments mimicking the shape of the Z NISMO LED taillights. The red waist drawstring is inspired by signature NISMO red stripe seen on lower edge of the sportscar which went on sale in August this year.

To keep the body properly ventilated for comfortable sleep, there is strategically placed venting to support airflow management. This is the same requirement in sportscar design and the materials are also breathable for thermal regulation.

The Fast Capsule Collection by Daniel Patrick x NISMO

Compelling sleep science
It wasn’t just a matter of designing the look of the clothes and Nissan injected a serious aspect into the project: sleep science. Sleep expert Dr. Matthew Walker, whose extensive sleep research highlights the importance of quality rest for driver performance, was also involved and brought a unique perspective and passion to the project.

“To be a better driver, it’s not just about performance and reacting quickly; it’s also about consistency – and managing concentration,” said Dr. Walker. “I don’t know anything other than sleep that has a greater statistical contribution to improving that ability.”

The Fast Capsule Collection by Daniel Patrick x NISMO

Sleep quality important for performance
Building better sleep patterns and focusing on the quality and quantity of sleep can help produce tangible physical and cognitive improvements for drivers. One of Walker’s recommendations for improving sleep quality is ensuring the body is at an appropriate temperature at night.

“The sleepwear collection design includes strategically placed venting, which may help release trapped heat,” said Walker. “When we vent trapped heat, our body temperature can start to decrease, and that is the invitation to better sleep.”

The Fast Asleep collection follows Walker’s recommendations with the use of polar fleece material, side vents and a wide-legged pant to support both temperature regulation and air flow.

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