Fully electric Isuzu D-MAX to make global debut next week

Isuzu Motors, one of the leading truck makers in the world, will unveil a fully electric D-MAX 1-ton pick-up truck next week at the 2024 Bangkok International Motor Show.

2 motors for full-time 4WD
At this time, the company is providing just brief technical details of the powertrain which will have a 66.9 kWh lithium-ion battery pack powering two electric motors which provide full time 4-wheel drive. The front motor will generate 40 kW while the one at the rear will generate 90 kW, with maximum torque of 325 Nm.

Isuzu D-MAX EV [2025]

The batteries come from Korea’s LG Energy Solutions which has, since last June, been supplying battery cells for the fully electric Elf (N-Series) medium-duty truck now on sales in Japan.

The company says the full-time 4WD system with newly developed e-axles in front and rear will offer excellent performance on rough roads and a linear acceleration feel characteristic of EVs – with minimized noise and vibration. Furthermore, high towing capacity is ensured by adopting the high-power electric motors along with a robust frame and body design, allowing the electric D-MAX to perform just as well as current turbodiesel models.

Isuzu D-MAX EV [2025]

Commitment to carbon neutrality
The introduction of the fully electric D-MAX is one of the ways that Isuzu Motors will meet its commitment to carbon neutrality. It is part of the EVision Total Solution programme which was announced in March last year which is designed to support customers in the buying process and aftersales expectations of buying battery-powered electric vehicles.

This support includes providing solutions to EV introduction issues, quantifying the CO2 emission reduction benefits, and using other pathways towards decarbonization in the company’s products and operations.

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Big investment in Thailand
With Thailand being the global production hub for its D-MAX trucks, the electric variant will also be manufactured there later this year, with deliveries to start in early 2025. Isuzu Motors will invest up to 32 billion baht (almost RM4.3 billion) to prepare for the EV production at the factory located in Samut Prakan to the south of Bangkok.

Isuzu Gateway factory in Thailand
The Isuzu Gateway factory in Thailand which produces 45% of the 385,000 vehicles the automaker produces annually in the country. A big investment is being made to prepare its production facilities to make the electric D-MAX from the end of this year.

Besides Thailand, the EV models will also be exported to Australia and some European markets in 2025. It will also be offered in other markets countries based on market needs and the maturity of EV charging infrastructure.

New EV R&D and testing facility in Japan
In order to advance the development of electric vehicles optimized for commercial use more rapidly, Isuzu Motors sees it as essential to independently evaluate and develop systems and components. It will therefore establish an EV development and testing facility within its Fujisawa plant for the development of electric components with an investment of 40 billion yen (about RM1.25 billion).

Isuzu EV R and D centre in Japan

The facility, to being operations in June 2026, will employ testing and evaluation equipment for components such as batteries, motors, EV systems, and thermal management. With its own R&D  facility, the company expects to be able to develop EVs at a faster pace.

Visit www.isuzu.com.my to know more about D-MAX models available in Malaysia

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