From the company that makes iPhones – the Foxtron Model B

Foxconn is one of the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturers in the world, making devices for Apple, Nintendo, Nokia, and Sony, to name just a few of its customers. Like Xiaomi, Foxconn is also keen to get into the car business and has actually been involved in electric cars and buses since 2020 through Foxtron, its joint venture with Taiwanese carmaker, Yulon.

Since then, it has been building up its EV expertise and even quietly bought over an old General Motors plant in America for use in future either as a vehicle manufacturing base or perhaps batteries.

Foxtron Model B EV prototype [2024]

EV-focussed subsidiary
More significantly, its Hon Hai (Foxconn) Technology Group established a new company called Foxconn New Energy Automobile Industry Development last month to focus on EV business under the Foxtron brand.

Foxtron Model B EV prototype [2024]

Pininfarina for design work
For design work, Foxtron has called on Pininfarina to come up with proposals and one of them has been unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show this week. Known as the Model B, this is a fully electric urban crossover which the company says will be a game-changer in the automotive world.

Just what the game-changing part is does not seem to be described (could be a lower cost manufacturing approach) but Foxtron does mention that unlike the 6 earlier concept cars shown, the Model B displayed in Geneva this week is not just a showcar but is the basis for a production model.

Aerodynamic efficiency a strong point
Aerodynamic efficiency is a strong point, with a Cd of 0.26 which was achieved through long hours of studies in Pininfarina’s own wind tunnel. Features which reduce wind resistance are the S-duct design, streamlined roof, and innovative D-pillar air curtain.

The design of the 4.3-metre long (slightly longer than a Perodua Myvi) Model B uses elements from the logos of the Pininfarina and Foxtron brands. The designers chose a matte white exterior finish that accentuates the sleek and fluid contours of the car’s form.

Foxtron Model B EV prototype [2024]

MIH Open EV Platform
Powertrain details are not known although the Model B will use the Foxtron MIH (Mobility in Harmony) open platform. This is a modular skateboard chassis which has the battery pack under the cabin floor, with the 2.8-metre wheelbase of the car. A 500-km range is claimed so KL to Penang should be no problem.

Foxtron Mobility in Harmony (MIH) platform

There will also be an ‘EVKit’ which is a software development kit, essential for the new generation of Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs). The software in the various systems will be upgradeable and can be updated with Over-The-Air broadcasts so the Model B will remain ‘technologically fresh’ in the years after it is purchased by the customer.

Foxtron Model B EV prototype [2024]

Foxtron hasn’t said when it will launch the production model, and while it is likely to build the EV (one of two planned in the immediate future) in China for the huge domestic market, it could also have plans to use the US factory to make its cars and enter the market.

With the SU7 EV, Xiaomi is now also a carmaker

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