Free solar panel installation with BMW EV or PHEV purchase

Owning an EV (electric vehicle) not only means you are helping to save the planet but also your pocket. You will no longer have to buy petrol or diesel, something which you may have been doing all your motoring life. And you can even have a ‘refuelling station’ at your own home!

But the reality is that getting energy to move your EV will not really be free. There is still the cost of electricity which you have to pay to TNB or the service provider. It’s still cheaper than buying petrol: in America, a study found it to be up to 60% cheaper with an EV than a combustion engine car. In Malaysia, with our subsidised fuel, the savings that some have calculated is around 25%.

Solar panel for EV charging
Solar panel installation may differ from what is shown in the picture.

Truly free energy
There is also a way to really have free energy for your EV and that is using sunshine. With solar panel technology having been commercialised, it is now possible to install solar panels on homes to capture and convert sunshine into electricity. And sunshine is completely free, of course, although it is only available for half a day.

However, the initial cost of installing a solar panel is quite high (in the region of RM20,000) so not many people may want to do it though the idea is gaining popularity. The electricity generated can be used for the home and also a charger for an EV.

BMW EV Wallbox
The BMW Wallbox for charging an EV can also receive electricity converted from sunshine by the solar panel, instead of the supply from TNB which you get billed for.

Special offer from one BMW dealer
You can get a solar panel installation free of charge when you buy selected BMW EV or PHEV (plug-in hybrid) models only from Tian Siang Premium Auto. Until the end of September 2023, the authorised BMW dealer in the northern region is offering a complimentary 4.4 kWp rooftop solar panel worth RM20,000.

The offer is in collaboration with Vasolar, a local company which specialises in the field of solar energy for residential homes, commercial buildings, and industrial factories. The solar panel installation will come with a 25-year Performance warranty, 12-year PV Module warranty, 10-year Inverter warranty, and 3-year workmanship warranty.

“We are thrilled to support Tian Siang Premium Auto, our largest dealer representative in Perak and Penang, in their progressive initiative to drive the adoption of renewable energy solutions amongst their customer base in the region. This unprecedented move is truly in line with our vision and strategy for electrification in Malaysia. I hope this partnership becomes a benchmark for the growing EV landscape here and inspires more industry players to join the fore in advancing renewable energy solutions alongside the promotion of EVs in the country,” said Hans de Visser, MD of BMW Group Malaysia.

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