Four special styling features on all-new Renault 5 EV

To be launched for sale in 2024, the all-new Renault 5 E-Tech electric is not just an iconic model that is being reborn but also represents a big step for the French carmaker as it moved forward into the future.

Over the past few months, Renault has been offering glimpses of the new model and these teasers show how the exterior design has entirely new styling elements as well as some which are well remembered from the original model.

Here are four of the special features on the bodywork:

2024 Renault 5 e-Tech Electric EV
Headlights: The lighting units of the new R5 are a key design feature, making the front end instantly recognisable. It is not only their shape that sets them apart, but also the mark in the centre of the lens, resembling the pupil of the human eye. This is also a reference to the 1972 advertisement featuring ‘The Adventures of Supercar’’ and gives the R5 a human-like expression.
2024 Renault 5 e-Tech Electric EV
‘I am fully charged’: At the front end, the air intake on the bonnet of the historic model has disappeared since it is unnecessary. Instead, for the 21st century R5 which is electrically powered, there a charge indicator light forming the iconic number ‘5’ when the car is fully charged. A high-tech feature that is also functional and fun, this indicator is an example of an accessible interface with a human touch, showing the battery status at a glance.
2024 Renault 5 e-Tech Electric EV
Wheel arches: The wheel arches create a broader stance, giving R5 the look of a compact car (3.92 metres long) with real on-road presence. Their graphic design underlines a unique and instantly recognisable personality, reminiscent of the R5 Turbo.
2024 Renault 5 e-Tech Electric EV
Rear lights: The vertical rear lights include a function extending the side panel. This feature contributes to the aerodynamic performance of R5 by preventing air turbulence.

The new R5 will be offered with two battery pack options, one with a capacity of 52 kWh, for a range of up to 400 kms. The other battery pack will have a 40 kWh capacity, but it will only be available at a later date.

2024 Renault 5 e-Tech Electric EV

Global debut in Geneva
The global debut of the R5 E-Tech electric will be on February 26 at the Geneva International Motor Show. It will be priced from 25,000 euros (about RM128,300), a price level on par with B-segment hybrid models. More importantly, it will present a French-made rival to the low-priced Chinese models.

Buyers in France will also receive subsidies for EVs. from their government. As reported earlier, the government has implemented additional criteria to make a model eligible for subsidies and it takes into account emissions of carbon dioxide in the production process as well. This has resulted in many Chinese models no longer being eligible, taking away their advantage of low prices.

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