First Tesla Superchargers in Penang now operational

The first Tesla Supercharger station in Penang is now available at Sunway Carnival in Seberang Jaya on the mainland side. The station adds 4 charging points to Tesla’s Supercharger network in Malaysia.

Tesla Supercharger for EV
The charges for using the Superchargers are RM1.25 per kWh.

There are also 12 Destination Charging points, located at The Ship Campus in Batu Kawan and All Seasons Place on the island.

Tesla Destination Charger for EV in Malaysia (1)
Destination Chargers, which have a lower AC power supply, can be used by Tesla owners at no charge.

Tesla Destination Charger and Supercharger

Gamuda Cove has largest Tesla Supercharger station in Southeast Asia

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