Fiat will start its new model offensive from this July

Up until the 1970s, Fiat, which was founded in 1899, was a formidable carmaker. It had a strong presence in Europe and dominated the market in its home country of Italy. However, the first oil crisis and strikes battered Fiat in the 1970s, weakening it greatly.

Capital injection by the oil-rich Libyan government helped it survive and soldier on until it merged into a larger group called Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in 2014. Five years later, it became part of an even larger group with the merging of FCA and the French PSA Group to form Stellantis.

Fiat Concept City Car [2024]
The Concept City Car. Bigger than the current Panda, its design was inspired by the brand’s birthplace: the iconic Lingotto building in Turin with its famous rooftop test track. There is special emphasis on the use of sustainable materials, including recycled plastics and bamboo fabrics.
Though not evident to Malaysians since the brand is non-existent here, Fiat thrived when it became part of Stellantis. In spite of a small product range (which includes those of Fiat Professional commercial vehicles and Abarth), Fiat was the best-performing among the 16 brands in Stellantis last year. It delivered 1.35 million units, of which over 50% were sold outside Europe.

New Panda to start model offensive
With its new generation models of fully electric cars, Fiat is ready for a new model offensive which will start in July this year. In that month, it will reveal the first of 4 new models – said to be the all-new Panda. Thereafter, there will be one new model each year until 2027.

Fiat Concept SUV [2024]
Concept SUV. This is a sort of ‘Giga-Panda’ intended for family transport. The SUV concept safety, versatility, and design, bringing roominess and robustness to families.

Fiat Concept SUV [2024]

“Fiat is a global brand with 1.3 million cars sold last year and solid leadership in many parts of the world. We are in a global game and our next step will be to transition from local products to a global offer that can benefit all of our customers everywhere in the world. We are excited to share this glimpse into our future; a very near future actually, since the first car will be presented in 4 months during the brand’s 125th anniversary celebration,” said Olivier Francois, Fiat CEO and Stellantis Global CMO at the Geneva Motorshow last month.

Single platform for all models
For cost and production efficiency and optimisation, the new models will use a single global platform developed for Stellantis brands. This is a multi-energy platform which will allow the use of fully electric and hybrid powertrains, and even combustion engines alone. Fiat is thus prepared to meet different demands in different regions, rather than going all-electric – a move which the industry now sees as being unrealistic.

Fiat interior concept
The seats and dashboard in the production model won’t look like that but some styling elements might be adopted.

Though having up to 80% common parts (depending on the model), each of the new models will be a unique and original interpretation of the inclusive, accessible, and ingenious spirit that has allowed the brand to create vehicles with modular interiors, unique looks, and bold personalities. They will make efficient use of space together with sustainable materials.

Fiat Concept Fastback [2024]
Concept Fastback. This is the heir to two of the brand’s biggest hits – the Fiat Fastback in Brazil and the Fiat Tipo in the Middle East and Africa. This concept is made on the same modular platform and features a sporty flair. The Fastback shows that Fiat can improve its sustainable commitment without giving up on performance.

Fiat Concept Fastback [2024]

Sustainable and affordable, less is more
Fiat is taking on the challenge of producing more sustainable and affordable cars with a ‘less is more’ approach, removing redundant parts and reducing polluting materials such as chrome, alloys, leather, and the foams in seats. Modularity, which is inherent in Fiat’s Italian ingenuity, will also be pursued.

Fiat Concept Camper [2024]
Concept Camper. This concept is presented as the ultimate do-it-all vehicle. It pays homage to the ‘Fun-ctionality’ of the Panda from the 1980s, recalling the versatility of a car that was made for the city with the features of a SUV and the soul of a trusty companion.
Fiat Concept Pick-Up [2024]
Concept Pick-Up. Fiat is the market leader in South America and the Strada pick-up is the bestselling vehicle on the Brazilian market. Moving forward, the carmaker is certain that this type of vehicle can replicate its success at a global level, even in Europe. This vehicle blends the concept of a pick-up with the functionality of an light commercial vehicle, and the comfort of a SUV in a size that is suitable to urban environments all over the world.
“Over the last year, we have grown globally, consolidating our position as a global player and, for the third year in a row, Fiat has proven to be the number one Stellantis brand in volume,” said Francois. “Soon the season two of Fiat will begin, giving life to the other side of our love brand, the one that stands for inclusive, ingenious, Italian and furthermore global. We are set for a great 2024!”

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