Ferrari offers exclusive insurance coverage to customers

A supercar like a Ferrari is a very expensive investment which an owner would certainly like to preserve and protect. It has obviously to be insured properly and owners usually get third-party companies to provide insurance coverage (which is certainly not cheap). However, the generic nature of these policies does not fully accommodate important aspects of Ferrari ownership.

For Ferrari Australasian region
Now, for the first time, Ferrari offers insurance coverage for its customers, starting off in selected markets in the Ferrari Australasia region. The coverage offers a range of features beyond what conventional insurance policies can offer.

Ferrari Insurance

With the introduction of Ferrari Insurance, the carmakers says its customers have nothing to stop them bringing their Ferrari vehicles out to enjoy the open road – with complete peace of mind.

Coverage for track events too
To start with, motor insurance usually does not cover damage which occurs while involved in track activity, but Ferrari insurance does, with compensation of up to A$200,000 (about RM620,000)  However, the track events must be those hosted by Ferrari Australasia and the Ferrari authorised dealer network. This will allow owners to enjoy the performance of their sportscars with peace of mind that if anything happens, they can claim insurance.

Ferrari Insurance
Normal insurance policies do not cover damage that occurs during a track event but Ferrari Insurance – provided the track event is hosted by Ferrari Australasia and the Ferrari authorised dealer network

Ferrari Insurance also offers owners the ability to fine-tune their annual kilometre usage, from precise coverage for regularly driven vehicles, right down to as little as 100 kms of road use per year for those precious cars only driven on special occasions. Bespoke cover is also available for stored vehicles waiting to return to the road.

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Valuation recognises true market value
Other benefits of Ferrari Insurance include an industry-leading, 4-year new-for-old replacement policy, unlimited excess-free windscreen replacements and highly flexible agreed value cover that recognises the true market value of each Ferrari, including instances where a vehicle’s worth has appreciated above its retail price.

Ferrari Roma [2023]

In recognition of the significant value of many Ferrari vehicles and collections, Ferrari Insurance can provide coverage of up to A$50 million (about RM154.8 million).

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