Fashion model gets zapped by a million volts in front of Kia EV9

Jodie Kidd, a fashion model, got zapped by more than one million volts – and is still alive to talk about it.

In fact, while she was ‘electrocuted’, she could even control the electricity with her fingertips and shoot streams of lightning from her hands… just like one of those Marvel super heroes!

Kia EV9 promotional stunt [2023]

How it was actually done
The death-defying stunt was part of a promotion for the launch of Kia’s new EV9 SUV in the UK. Sitting on a raised platform, Jodie was protected from a ‘lightning machine’ only by a chainmail Faraday suit to conduct electricity around her body. The ‘lightning’ photography was then combined with shots of the model who had a futuristic look.

Kia EV9 promotional stunt [2023]
Kia UK showed how they created the pictures with the model actually wearing a metal chainmail Faraday suit. This suit is like a ‘cage’ which carries the electricity around her body to reach the ground. Then, with Photoshop, they changed the image to one of her without the Faraday suit.

“Being electrocuted was one of the most petrifying things I’ve ever done – but also such an amazing experience. Not many people can say they have had a million volts through their body and been able to shoot lightning with their fingers!” she said.

Introducing the electric EV9
“This stunt was all about celebrating electricity and how the future of motoring is electric, for the launch of Kia’s new fully electric car, the EV9,” explained Jodie.

Kia EV9 promotional stunt [2023]

“With a range of more than 300 miles (480 kms), ultra-rapid charging, and the ability to power anything with a 3-pin plug, its perfect for family adventures. You can even use it to boil a kettle and stop for a nice cup of tea!” said Jodie, who is also a car enthusiast.

Progressively being launched in various markets, the EV9 is Kia’s latest flagship electric model, and is one of 15 fully electric models that the Korean brand is launching globally by 2027.

In Malaysia, Dinamikjaya Motors, the brand’s distributor, currently offers two EV models. These are the EV6 (priced from RM319,668 without insurance) and the recently-launched Niro EV (priced from RM256,66 without insurance).

Kia Niro EV launched at duty-free price of RM255,888


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