Evolution of the Proton Satria (1994 ~2011)

The Proton Satria was a hatchback model which was not originally provided by Mitsubishi Motors. It was initially developed by DRB on its own initiative at the company’s factory in Pekan, Pahang. The model impressed Tun Mahathir and he agreed to its production, along with the creation of a second sales channel known as USPD (Usahasama Proton-DRB). In later years, USPD would be acquired by Proton to become Proton Edar.

1998 Proton Satria GTi

2004 Proton Satria SE

2005 Proton Satria R3

2006 Proton Satria NEO

2007 Proton Satria NEO R3

2009 Proton Satrio NEO CPS

2011 Proton Satria S2000

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