Chery Malaysia to launch OMODA E5 EV on March 6, bookings accepted now

Most of the Chinese brands that have entered the Malaysia market in the last two years started off with electric vehicles (EVs) as the duty-free incentive offered by the government is a rare occurrence and they want to make use of it quickly to get established. So mention of a Chinese brand is likely to bring to mind EV models.

Chery is also from China and has been in the market since July last year (although it was also around 20 years ago but via a local partner). The carmaker, which is the largest exporter of passenger vehicles from China, delivered 4,501 units in Malaysia – but none of them were EVs.

Chery Tiggo 8 Pro [2024]
The two models in Chery’s range for Malaysia currently are the Tiggo 8 Pro (above) and OMODA 5 (below).

Chery OMODA 5 [2023]

EV to join two current models
Its current range for the market comprises the Tiggo 8 Pro and OMODA 5, both of which have combustion engines. However, Chery Malaysia will offer an EV which will be the OMODA R5. In fact, it has already been displayed since late last year and at one venue, it was shown powering Christmas tree lights with its V2L technology. This technology allows some of the electricity in its battery pack to be used to power external devices.

Chery OMODA E5 EV [2024][2024]

Estimated price of RM160,000
The OMODA E5 is fully electric and will have an estimated price of RM160,000. It will be at authorised Chery showrooms around the country from February 24, and dealers will accept bookings.

While the design of the OMODA E5 shares overall SUV styling elements with the OMODA 5, it has its own unique identity to reflect the totally different powertrain which generates 201 ps/340 Nm. With the 61 kWh lithium-ion phosphate battery pack, a range of up to 430 kms is claimed.

Chery OMODA E5 EV [2024][2024]

The battery pack can be fast-charged with a supply up to 80 kW, which will recharge from 30% to 80% within 30 minutes, it is said. For AC charging, which would be more suitable for overnight charging, the maximum supply is 9.9 kW.

Chery OMODA E5 EV [2024]

If you are concerned about driving the OMODA E5 in very wet conditions, Chery has made sure that it should not have any problems. The EV has been through Water Wading Test and Bottom Scrapping tests and passed them, so owners don’t have to worry if they want to take the SUV off-road.

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Launching on March 6
The appearance of the OMODA E5 in showrooms and booking being accepted means that the launch must be near. Indeed, we have learnt that it will be launched on March 6 at Lalaport BBCC IN Kuala Lumpur.

If you want to know more about the OMODA E5, visit the Chery Malaysia website or any showroom.

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