Casio releases another range to celebrate 40 years of G-SHOCK

As part of the 40th anniversary celebration of the G-SHOCK brand, Casio has released another range of watches, these being the CLEAR REMIX line.

See-thru design
The range, with seven versions, makes use of see-through materials for designs that offer a view of the internal componentry, including the module and circuit board.

The internal architecture and componentry of the G-SHOCK watch is why it is so tough, an attribute that launched the brand in 1983. The G-SHOCK project began with the idea of developing a tough watch that wouldn’t break, even if dropped.


Thrown out of the window
The standard test at that time when the team was developing the first G-SHOCK watch was to throw prototypes out of the window – literally – and let them fall some 10 metres to the ground outside! In a process of repeated testing, the construction and materials were redesigned again and again to achieve the toughness required.

Today, much of the testing is automated but humans still work at destroying Casio products, even randomly picked units from the production line, to ensure that the very high limits are met.


We take toughness for granted today but watches were more fragile back then, so Casio created a game-changing watch concept.

140 million sold worldwide
Casio has since released an array of different G-SHOCK watches that carry on this evolution in function and design. More than 140 million G-SHOCK watches have been sold worldwide and the 40th anniversary CLEAR REMIX shock-resistant watches embody the G-SHOCK spirit of challenge in their designs.

Casio DWE-5640 and 5040RX
DWE-5640RX/DW-5040RX: Based on the form of the first G-SHOCK, these models feature a see-through LCD, allowing the G mark-adorned circuit board to through. The DWE-5640RX (above left) adds a band in a contrasting mix of resin and metal materials
Casio DW-6940RX
DW-6940RX The original DW-6900 with its three indicators, now with a see-through LCD, dial, and centre case, leaving the G mark pattern on the underlying circuit board subtly visible.
GA-114RX/GMA-S114RX: These digital-analogue combination watches, based on the GA-110 and GMA-S110, feature a see-through centre case and see-through resin side buttons for a unified clear colour scheme.
Casio GMA-S2140
GA-2140RX/GMA-S2140RX: These models add a see-through dial to the GA-2100 and GMA-S2100, which feature an octagonal bezel. The index marks and dial ring are also see-through for a clear view of the module below the dial. As with the other watches, water resistance is down to 200 metres.

The 40th anniversary range is available at all authorized G-SHOCK Stores and G-Factory outlets, with retail prices between RM755 and RM1,145.

Casio releases 40th anniversary G-SHOCK watches


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