BYD and DJI develop world’s first vehicle-mounted Unmanned Aircraft System

BYD, in collaboration with DJI, have created the world’s first vehicle-mounted UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System). The system is fitted to the Yangwang U8, a PHEV SUV which went on sale in China in April 2023.

Referred to as the BYD YANGWANG UAS, the system provides a landing platform for a drone on the roof. The platform can be retracted when not in use so that the aerodynamics are not greatly affected while on the move.

BYD Yangwang U8 PHEV [2023]
The UAS can be controlled from within the vehicle while the drone fly over and around.,
More than just a platform
More than just a platform, the UAS also has automatic battery-swapping and charging points, so the operator does not need to handle it. According to information released, the drone supports high-definition, high frame rate, and low-latency image transmission so DJI might offer a dedicated model for UAS use.

BYD Yangwang U8 PHEV [2023]
With the UAS, the operator will be able to capture video imagery like this while also driving the vehicle.
As with other DJI drones, there is a follow mode where the drone can track the vehicle or it can be directed to fly around to capture imagery of the surrounding environment. This can be done from inside the vehicle, which is certainly added convenience for drone operators.

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BYD Yangwang U8 PHEV [2023]
The U8 is a PHEV SUV sold under BYD’s Yangwang brand which went on sale in China in April 2023.
Different use scenarios
BYD will offer the UAS in other Yangwang models in future. It envisages the use of the system for such purposes as monitoring traffic conditions ahead. Rescuers will also have added capability when travelling in areas that have been hit by natural disasters as they will be able to check conditions ahead of them.

DJI reported last year that its drones had been involved in saving more than 1,000 people from danger around the world. The achievement showed the importance of drone aerial imaging technology in crucial search and rescue missions.

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