Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Launches #CareForSafety campaign in Malaysia

As part of its commitment in community impact, Bosch AA (Bosch Automotive Aftermarket) has launched its #CareForSafety safety campaign for the children at the Dignity For Children Foundation. This is a 25-year old non-governmental organization that provides holistic care and education for urban poor children in Kuala Lumpur.

#CareForSafety will focus on road safety education and bus transportation sponsorship for the Foundation’s children. One of the programs that will be available for the teachers at Dignity For Children Foundation is the PRO Safety Workshop. It will train teachers on road safety syllabus as well as educate kids on the importance of personal safety, road safety and online safety.

Children, especially the smaller ones, are vulnerable as they have not fully been exposed to the world and learnt to look after themselves. This is particularly important when they begin travelling to school daily, either by public transport or other means

Bosch campaign

The workshops will bring in different professional bodies as partners to aid in teaching the children about the importance of road safety and how to stay safe on the road and other places.

As for the bus transportation sponsorship, this is intended to help children travel safely to school and assist in relieving family expenses through subsidizing bus transportation fees.

School children bus transport

“At Dignity For Children Foundation, we are committed to attending to the needs of the underprivileged children here. Especially with a school situated at Sentul Raya Boulevard where classrooms are scattered in different buildings and the roads are busy, safety is always a concern. With the help of Bosch AA, our students will now be able to focus more on studying with peace of mind,” said Elisha Satvinder, Co-founder of Dignity For Children Foundation.

The #CareForSafety campaign is part of Bosch’s ‘Care For Life’ initiative, contributing to the vulnerable children’s communities in ASEAN. It is supported by Bosch Primavera, a charitable organization founded by Bosch associates, helping children from all over the world since 1990.

The launch of #CareForSafety in Malaysia marks the fourth country where the ASEAN-wide #CareForLife campaign has launched, with plans in the pipeline for Vietnam and Thailand that focuses on health of children and clean air, respectively.

“Driven by Invented for Life, we aim to be a socially conscious, value-based corporation dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of people from all backgrounds. It is even more timely that we launch the project in conjunction with our 100-year milestone,” said Klaus Landhaeusser, Managing Director of Bosch Malaysia

Bosch AA

“Bosch AA has always believed that children’s safety is a priority. Our objective is to educate, engage and empower these children through various activities alongside Dignity For Children Foundation. We encourage all Bosch AA’s business partners, Bosch associates, Bosch eXtra members (loyalty program) and the public to contribute via crowd funding platform to help sponsor monthly bus fee for the children,” added Dillion Goh, Country Business Director of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Malaysia.

Click here to contribute to #CareForSafety School Bus sponsorship program via crowdfunding.

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