BMW iX available for rent from Sime Darby Rent-A-Car – Hertz Malaysia

If you’re wondering how using an electric vehicle (EV) feels like and whether it’s for you, with Sime Darby Rent-A-Car (SDRAC) – Hertz Malaysia offers you the opportunity to do so from today. And the model which the company offers is one of the premium models – the BMW iX.

Introductory rates
In collaboration with Sime Darby Auto Bavaria, SDRAC is offering introductory prices for the upcoming Chinese New Year period starting at a daily rate of RM550 per day or RM5,500 per month. This allows you to get the EV experience without committing to a long-term loan in case you find that it may not be suitable for your lifestyle. More information is available at Hertz centres in the Klang Valley, Penang or Johor Bahru.

The iX has a range of up to 425 kms with its 76.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

Promoting EV usage
“Auto Bavaria is fully committed to pioneering the utilisation of EVs in Malaysia. This time around, we are leveraging the opportunity to give Malaysians a chance to try our BMW iX for unmatched style and uniqueness that is aligned with the latest trends in EV technology. Together with Hertz Malaysia, we are creating a robust ecosystem that further supports the growing adoption of EV,” said Vi Thim Juan, Managing Director of Auto Bavaria.

“The BMW iX is the perfect model to offer as it garners the highest deliverable within the BMW EV segment last year. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this festive rental offer for a whole new elevated driving experience,” Mr. Vi said.

“Our objective is to deliver optimal mobility solutions to our business partner, SDAB, and provide Hertz Malaysia rental customers with a truly modern and luxurious electrified experience. This collaboration not only allows our customers to travel stylishly in the latest BMW iX model but also enables them to explore our other extended rental services such as chauffeurs, provision of airport transfers, and even personalised arrangements for corporate functions as well as private events,” added Harun Mohd Joned, Managing Director of SDRAC.

GoCar EV
Another way to experience EVs with more than just a test-drive is with GoCar. They offer a range of EVs with hourly, daily and monthly rates. And if you decide you want one over a longer period but still do not want to be tied down by a H-P loan, they  also have a subscription plan for up to 3 years where all maintenance, insurance and roadtax costs are included in a single monthly instalment.

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