BMW Group Malaysia leads in sales of premium EVs

Since the government began exempting fully electric vehicles (EVs) from import duties in 2022 (and will do so for the next few years), the number of EVs sold has been growing steadily. Companies want to take advantage of this rare opportunity when they can sell cars nationwide at duty-free prices, and customers want to also enjoy the privilege usually reserved for senior diplomats, royalty and government fleets.

So we are now three-quarters through the second year of this duty-free incentive and in the lead in the premium segment is BMW Group Malaysia which has been delivering BMW and MINI electric vehicles.

2023 BMW i7 EV
The new i7 is the flagship of the BMW i range which is the sub-brand for its fully electric models.

Over 2,800 BMW and MINI EVs since 2022
The company has revealed that it has delivered over 1,600 units of EVs in the first 8 months of this year. These join another 1,200+ units of BMW EVs that were registered last year.

The leadership in the premium EV segment complements BMW’s leadership in the premium segment in Malaysia for the last 3 years.

MINI Electric EV
MINI Malaysia also offers fully electric models.

“At the heart of our vision for an Electric Future lies a profound commitment to electrification that seeks to reshape the future of mobility, where sustainability, luxury and innovation converge. In an era marked by the imperative to transform, we are thrilled to lead the charge in Malaysia’s electrification journey – bolstered by the support of our loyal customers, dealers, and partners alike. This achievement commemorates our lead, not just in the premium EV segment but also the overall EV ecosystem in the country,” said Hans de Visser, MD of BMW Group Malaysia.

2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 7
BMW Group Malaysia was a pioneer in promoting electrified vehicles as far back as 2013 when it introduced the BMW ActiveHybrid models.

Early promoter of electrification
As an early promoter of electrified mobility (BMW started earlier with hybrid electric models), BMW Group Malaysia has been preparing for the transition to fully electric vehicles. Understanding that its customers need to be assured of being able to recharge their EVs when they travel, the company has been pro-active in helping to develop the charger network around the country.

BMW EV charging station

Strategic partnership with Gentari
For example, it has expanded the strategic partnership with Gentari, a clean energy solutions provider (via its wholly-owned subsidiary, Gentari Green Mobility), to make EV charging more accessible and convenient for all.

Building upon Gentari’s success in establishing a widespread EV charging infrastructure nationwide over the past year, the two organisations are now bringing ‘Charge Go to life’ — a trailblazing mobile EV charging service that can provide on-the-go DC fast-charging. This will be made available towards end of 2023.

Mobile EV charging service by Gentari
A ‘powerbank on wheels’ to come to the rescue of EVs that run out of battery power. The vehicle has DC charging supply for faster recharging.

“We are thrilled to bring our mobile charging vehicle concept – one that we unveiled earlier this year –  to life with Gentari. Our partnerships with key players like them underscore our belief that industry-wide collaboration is the engine driving the transformation towards an Electric Future,” Mr. de Visser said. “We hope to inspire more players in this field to elevate their commitment to electrification, collectively enriching the local EV ecosystem.”

The launch of Charge Go with BMW is another innovative solution that exemplifies Gentari’s customer-centricity. This mobile charging solution is a product of the collective effort amongst local industry players, including SMEs, to strengthen the local EV ecosystem in coming up with our very own and locally designed solution in this space. This solution, the first of many to come from Gentari, aims to bolster range confidence, making the transition to EVs an easy one,” added Shah Yang Razalli, Deputy CEO of Gentari and CEO of Gentari Green Mobility.

BMW i EV charging station
Charging station at a BMW dealership.

Helping build the national charging network
Through BMW Group Malaysia’s strategic partnerships with key local charging solution providers, as well as their network of authorised dealers and partnering venues across the country, the company has made over 1,000 charging facilities available to EV owners in Malaysia. That’s 10% of the 10,000 charging points the government wants in place by 2025.

To give the public an opportunity to know more about its Electric Future, BMW Group Malaysia is having its ‘Forwardism, Pop-Up by BMW’ event at various locations across 4 major cities until November 12 Members of the public will be able to view and test-drive the range of EVs to get a feel of what the electric driving experience is like.

Forwardism, by BMW event to be held on September 23/24

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