BMW Group Malaysia is No.1 again in premium segment

Malaysia has been one of the bright stars in the BMW Group world and it continued to shine brightly in 2023 as BMW Group Malaysia was again the leader in the premium segment of the market. This is the fourth consecutive year of dominance and it was achieved in the 20th year of the BMW Group’s direct involvement in the market with its own subsidiary.

Over 15,000 vehicles were delivered during the year (which was again a record year for the whole industry), of which 11,973 units were of the BMW passenger vehicle brand and 1,808 of the MINI brand, and the remainder by BMW Motorrad motorcycles.

BMW Group Malaysia sales 2023

BMW Group Malaysia sales 2023

No.1 in electrified vehicles too
BMW Group Malaysia was a pioneer in promoting electrified vehicles as far back as 2013 when it introduced the BMW ActiveHybrid models. Having been among the early promoters of electrification in the country, it’s not surprising that BMW Group Malaysia also took No.1 position as Premium Electric Vehicle Provider. Over 3,600 units of electrified vehicles (plug-in hybrids and fully electric) from BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad were delivered.

BMW Group Malaysia sales 2023

This was almost a quarter of all vehicles delivered during the year, accounting for an exponential 136% growth compared to the year before. This brings the total of electrified BMW vehicles on Malaysian roads to nearly 30,000 units. With the government’s push towards electrification, the number should accelerate in coming years.

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Speaking at the company’s business briefing this morning, Pierre Jalady, Vice-President, Head of MINI region Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle-East, Africa said: “There truly has been no better way to close over two decades of the BMW Group in Malaysia than seeing the exemplary performance of our vehicles in the local premium automotive market. We have seen the remarkable growth of our electrifying BMW i fleet, especially through the introduction of the BMW iX1, the BMW iX, BMW i7, the MINI Electric and the first-ever electrified addition in the Urban Mobility space, the BMW CE04 (a 2-wheeler).”

BMW Group Malaysia sales 2023

BMW Group Malaysia sales 2023

“The acceptance of these vehicles allowed us to achieve the title of the Number One Premium Electric Vehicles provider in Malaysia, an achievement that we do not take lightly as it underscores our goal to shape, lead, and future-proof the Malaysian automotive landscape in the years to come with the newest technological offerings from the BMW Group,” he said.

Reflection of BMW Group’s global success
Mr. Jalady added that the subsidiary’s performance in Malaysia reflects that of the brand’s global success with over 2.5 million vehicles delivered worldwide – a new all-time high sales record. The performance of electrified vehicles from the BMW Group portfolio also grew exponentially in 2023, attributing to 15% of overall BMW Group deliveries – underlining the pioneering role the premium automaker has in the electric vehicle segment worldwide.

BMW Group headquarters

More than just selling cars
In the 20 years that BMW Group Malaysia has been operating in Malaysia, it has gone beyond just providing cars and motorcycles. The company has also been involved in many areas of the auto industry, sharing its expertise with stakeholders and of course, making additional investments which have contributed to the industry as well as creating jobs.

Local assembly of a number of models – including engines (with longtime partner Sime Darby Motors) – has also seen transfer of technology. The company is also the largest vehicle exporter, with some of its production at the Inokom plant in Kedah going to other ASEAN markets.

BMW local engine assembly

BMW Group Malaysia EV charging points

In recent times, BMW Group Malaysia has also been active in the development of the EV charging network, helping to reach the target of 10,000 charging points nationwide by 2025. Through forming strategic partnerships with key local charging solution providers such as Gentari, as well as their network of authorised dealers and partnering venues across the country, the company has made over 1,700 charging facilities available to EV owners in Malaysia.

BMW Group Malaysia leads in sales of premium EVs

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