B95 – the world’s first pure-electric, open-top hyper Barchetta

With the B95 which was presented at the Monterey Car Week in California yesterday, Automobili Pininfarina introduces to the world the first pure-electric, open-top hyper Barchetta.

PURA Vision concept philosophy
The Barchetta is a design and technology masterpiece which uses the company’s PURA design philosophy, previously previewed with the PURA Vision concept. Its elegant silhouette and dramatic proportions follow the principles established by the concept car, balancing inspiration from iconic classic racing cars with futuristic elements.

2025 Pininfarina B95 hyper Barchetta EV

The ‘B’ in its name stands for Barchetta, both elements combined creating the name Automobili Pininfarina B95. The first of no more than 10 hypercars, hand-built in Italy, will be delivered in 2025, during the 95th anniversary year of Pininfarina SpA.

2025 Pininfarina B95 hyper Barchetta EV

“This is the most exciting chapter of the Automobili Pininfarina story so far – we’re taking another big step forward. The introduction of the B95 is the third of three essential building blocks this summer for our brand. First, we introduced the Battista Edizione Nino Farina, an exclusive celebration of Pininfarina’s racing son – also the first Formula 1 World Champion,” said Paolo Dellacha, CEO of Automobili Pininfarina, which is owned by Mahindra & Mahindra.

“The launch of the PURA Vision design concept then unlocked a new design philosophy for all future models from our brand, across a spectrum of different segments. Now, our new Barchetta shows how these design principles can be applied – with a retro-futuristic vision fusing classic motorsport themes with the latest technological innovations, materials and processes,” said Dellacha.

2025 Pininfarina B95 hyper Barchetta EV

An interpretation of the Barchetta shape
The B95 represents a striking interpretation of a Barchetta body shape. The design is exemplified by full-width enveloping bodywork which wraps around into the front fenders, while the high swage line gives the outer body a muscular appearance.

Pronounced wheelarches emphasise the shape and power of the vehicle, enabling the design team to add extra shape to the connection between the arches, and the bodyside. This allows control of the reflections from the bodywork, which adds depth and quality to the design.

Viewed from above, the PURA design DNA is instantly recognisable. With no glasshouse, the cabin space is defined with a surrounding loop, which incorporates the seats, adjustable aero screens and the domes behind each passenger. From this view, there are four clear lines that define the B95, showing a connection with the PURA Vision concept.

Automobili Pininfarina PURA Vision concept EV [2023]
The B95 design follows the principles estab;lished by the PURA Vision concept car shown by Automobile Pininfarina earlier.

Automobili Pininfarina PURA Vision concept EV [2023]

To complete the exterior, the forged aluminium wheels (F – 20 inches | R – 21 inches) finished in Matt Black and contrasting with exposed aluminium matt precision-polished outers. The centre lock rings are finished in brushed aluminium anodized in black, while the brake calipers are Giallo Arneis, matching the exterior accents.

Idea from vintage fighter planes
The open-top driving experience of the B95 is enhanced by the world’s first electronically adjustable aero screens. Taking inspiration from vintage fighter planes, the clear polycarbonate designs have intricately engineered and exposed aluminium supports. They can be raised and lowered by the occupants to improve comfort while preserving design integrity.

2025 Pininfarina B95 hyper Barchetta EV

Automobili Pininfarina can also provide customised helmets, in a finish coordinated to match their chosen B95 specification. These accessories allow the driver to fully experience the B95’s hypercar performance safely on road or track.

Inspired by classic racing cars
The interior is the epitome of a classic racing car meeting futuristic design, with a concept car-inspired dashboard and cabin environment. From the driver’s seat, the expansive dashboard appears to merge with the exterior, extending the distinctive lines of the bonnet into the cabin (like the PURA Vision).

2025 Pininfarina B95 hyper Barchetta EV

Together with the sculptured carbonfibre dashboard, a floating wing effect is created. The dashboard is upholstered in Tan Sustainable Luxury Leather with bespoke embossing, which contrasts with the brushed black aluminium anodised finish that features elsewhere.

The seats, also finished in the Tan Sustainable Luxury Leather, are inspired by those of a classic racing car, designed to curve around the occupant. Both seats have been profiled to cosset the driver and passenger, ensuring comfort and protection, with a 2-part design inspired by the seats found in PURA Vision, with unique aluminium inserts.

2025 Pininfarina B95 hyper Barchetta EV

Naturally, each of the 10 future owners will be able to personalise their B95 to a very great extent. One of the most noticeable bespoke opportunities is the laser-engraved aluminium door plate, located on the outer edges of both doors and easily visible when entering and exiting the car. Finished in anodised black with bespoke B95 engraving in white, they add a sense of theatre to entering the hyper Barchetta.

1,900 ps electric powertrain
The B95 is powered by the same powertrain used for the Battista hyper GT. This consists of a high-capacity 120 kWh lithium-ion battery pack generating peak power of 1,400 kW (1,900 ps) which, with specific tuning, enables a claimed 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) time in less than 2 seconds and a top speed over 300 km/h.

2025 Pininfarina B95 hyper Barchetta EV

Four independent high-performance electric motors – one driving each wheel – send power to the road. The driver can choose from 5 different drive modes which leverage Full Torque Vectoring technology to enable the best characteristics for different conditions or preferences.

The T-shaped battery pack, which is liquid-cooled, is protected within a strong and lightweight carbonfibre housing. With a DC fast charger (up to 270 kW), a 20% – 80% recharge should take no more than 25 minutes.

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