Auto Bavaria offers specialised services for classic BMW and MINI models

Auto Bavaria, part of Sime Darby Motors, has been associated with BMW since 1988 when it took over representation of the German brand in Malaysia. This makes it the longest BMW business partner in Malaysia and it’s therefore appropriate that it has taken a pioneering initiative to offer specialised services dedicated to BMW and MINI vehicles which have achieved Classic Status.

Models over 15 years old
The BMW Group defines a classic car as one that has surpassed 15 years after the last production date of the model, typically occurring after an average lifecycle of 7 years. After this time, some parts may diminish in availability in the local market. For owners who wish to use genuine parts, Auto Bavaria can source parts and accessories directly from BMW Germany.

In cases where specific parts are phased out, the dealership will explore sourcing alternatives directly from reputable suppliers who are associated with BMW while maintaining stringent quality standards.

Auto Bavaria advertisement BMW 3-Series [1995]
This 325i that Auto Bavaria sold 28 years ago is now considered a classic model by BMW. Owners of the model who require professional aftersales services or have difficulty getting genuine parts can now get assistance from Auto Bavaria has a dedicated team for such models (as well as for the MINI brand).
Specialised services for classics
While there are independent workshops that may offer services for vehicles of any age, Auto Bavaria is the first dealership in Malaysia to cater to the needs of owners of classic BMW and MINI models. The services encompass Service Maintenance, Component Repair, Refurbishment, and Make Good, with work carried out by experience personnel at the Ara Damansara service centre in Sime Darby Motors City in Selangor.

All service records will be meticulously recorded in a dedicated BMW Classic Car Service Booklet, ensuring a comprehensive history of maintenance and repairs, all securely stored in the Auto Bavaria system.

“We are thrilled to introduce this exclusive service catering to BMW and MINI classic car owners. Our team is equipped with specialised knowledge and expertise to maintain, repair, and refurbish these iconic vehicles, preserving their heritage and ensuring they continue to exude the same brilliance and performance that defined them in their prime,” said the Managing Director of Auto Bavaria, Vi Thim Juan.


Welcoming the initiative, Hans de Visser, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia, said: “Over the years, we have seen passion for the brand and our cars – whether old or new – expand across the country. We believe this latest service will serve this growing market well, strengthened by our confidence in Auto Bavaria’s experts to skilfully preserve these legacy models, ensuring the continued delivery of hallmark Sheer Driving Pleasure in Malaysia.”

20 years of BMW Group in Malaysia

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