Audi owners reminded of Takata airbag recall

For the past 10 years, carmakers have been issuing a recall to replace airbag inflator modules made by Takata due to the possibility of very dangerous fragmentation during inflation. The dangerous situation occurs due to over-pressure in the module causing it to break up and send sharp metal pieces towards the front occupants at speeds of up to 320 km/h. Serious injuries can occur and in some cases, there were also deaths.

Some owners may not be aware
Millions of vehicles by different carmakers who were supplied the airbags by Takata had to be recalled. Many of those affected vehicles are still in used in various countries and not all may have had the module replaced. This could be due to the owner not being aware (in spite of widespread publicity) or because the vehicle changed owners, the current owner never got a notice. Or some people have been indifferent to the matter which is really a very serious one that needs immediate action.

Audi vehicles are included in the recalls and PHS Automotive Malaysia (PHSAM) has issued a reminder to Audi owners in Malaysia to take the necessary action if they have not already done so. The affected vehicles for which PHSAM has official records total 2,297 units and are as follow:

► Audi Q5, A5 Cabriolet and A5 Sportback (2009 – 2012) – driver’s side airbag

► Audi TT and R8 (2014 – 2017) – driver’s side airbag

► Audi A4, A4 Cabriolet and A6 (2005 – 2011) – passenger’s side airbag

Only 25% of owners have responded
According to PHSAM, only 25% of the affected vehicles have had the airbag modules replaced which is worrying, hence the reminder being made. As with all airbag recalls, parts and labour are not charged to the owner so there is no excuse not to have it done.

Due to the age of the affected vehicles, the current owners may not be the same ones who were the original purchasers. Only the contact details of the first customer would usually be available to PHSAM in most cases unless the next owner informs them. Thus the recall notice may not reach the current owner who will not be aware of the matter.

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Check if your vehicle is affected
If you have an Audi but are not sure if it is affected, you can check at the Audi Malaysia website where there is a special section concerning recalls. Just enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) found at the bottom left of the front windscreen and you will get an answer.

Alternatively, you can visit an authorised Audi service centre for assistance. They can make a check for you and also inspect the airbag system and if required, a replacement will be made. As a token of appreciation, owners will also receive a complimentary 20-point check on their vehicle after the inspection and/or replacement. Click here to locate an Audi service centre in Malaysia.

Euromobil is one of the authorised Audi dealerships which can replace the Takata airbag inflator module.

For more information or assistance, contact Audi Malaysia Customer Service at 1-800-22-2834 or send email

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