Audi Malaysia recognises and will support parallel imports

Though the Malaysian car market is perceived as a ‘protected one’ – which suggests that other makes cannot be imported – there is actually a fairly sizable import market as the government does not prevent parallel imports. Of course, the other side of this business – the AP matter – is a different matter which we won’t get into.

So there has never ever been a ban on importing cars (except from Singapore) as long as you have an AP to do so. In recent times, though, the government has applied some conditions to imports by parties that are not authorised franchise holders.

But generally, you have always been able to buy a car imported by parties other than authorised dealers and Audis have been among the popular models brought in.

But because these have not been sold by authorised Audi dealers, official aftersales support for parallel imports has not been available in the past.

Audi Centre

The Audi Recognition Plan
Now PHS Automotive Malaysia (PHSAM), the Audi distributor, has announced the Audi Recognition Plan which will provide aftersales support to such vehicles. The owners will have the benefit of Audi Plus, Audi Insurance Plan, Audi Repair Package and Beyond Economic Repair Support.

This means they can obtain maintenance and repair services – with genuine parts, of course. The authorised Audi Centres have trained technicians and are also able to obtain technical assistance in the event of a difficult issue with any Audi model.

However, before these parallel import vehicles are accepted under the Audi Recognition Plan, they must first be evaluated. They will go through a free 300-point Audi Condition Check that is available at any Audi Centre. Depending on the result of the evaluation, owners will then be enrolled in the Audi Recognition Plan.

The benefits
Audi Plus package – savings on service, repair, parts and maintenance for vehicles 5 years and older. After signing up, owners will receive 3 vouchers, which are applicable within a period of 3 years that entitles them for a 10% off on service maintenance, as well as 12 months of complimentary Audi Roadside Assistance.

Audi Insurance Plan (from selected insurers) – comprehensive coverage with benefits that include prioritised claim approval, 12 months complimentary Audi Roadside Assistance (for vehicles above 5 years), and assurance that repair work is conducted at authorised Audi body and paint centres by qualified personnel.

Audi parts

Audi Repair Package – 30% discount on various items such as brake systems, absorbers, bearing sets and timing belts for vehicles 6 years and older.

Beyond Economic Repair Support –  20% discount on selected parts on vehicles that are severely damaged due to extreme incidents. This special support programme makes it possible for to restore their vehicles to pristine condition. However, this will be dependent on an assessment.

For more information on the Audi Recognition Plan, visit or contact any Audi Centre in Malaysia.

‘Treat Your Audi’ campaign now on at Audi Centres nationwide

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