Alfa Romeo Milano e-SUV to be launched in April

This April, Alfa Romeo will unveil a new small SUV that will bring it back to the B-segment where it was last present with the Mito 5 years ago. To be called the Milano, this will be the brand’s second SUV.

CMP, not STLA platform
While the Stellantis Group (which Alfa Romeo is part of) has announced its STLA platforms for future models, the Milano will not be using any of them. Instead, it will be using the electric version of the Common Modular Platform (CMP) that was jointly developed by PSA Peugeot and Dongfeng.

Jeep Avenger [2023]
Jeep Avenger
The CMP has been used for models such as the Peugeot 2008, Citroen C4 X, Opel Corsa and DS 3 Crossback, while the e-CMP that the Milano will use already serves as the platform for the Jeep Avenger EV, Peugeot e-2008, Fiat 600e. The Lancia Ypsilon, also to be launched soon, will also be riding on the e-CMP.

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Second generation e-CMP
Since the original e-CMP was developed, improvements have been made and it is likely that the Milano (and Ypsilon) will get the second generation. This will have the M3 electric motor by EMotors, the joint venture company between Stellantis and Nidec.

Stellantis eCMP2 EV platform

The M3 is the company’s first electric motor and will operate at 400V with power output up to 115 kW. The capacity of the lithium-ion battery pack is also increased to 54 kWh gross. The Milano’s drivetrain is expected to have two motors to offered an all-wheel drive variant as well.

As the CMP is also for drivetrains with combustion engines, the Milano may also have such powertrains for some markets where electrification is at a slower pace.

Alfa Romeo Milano [2024]

Final development work
Little else is known at this time and the company is talking more about the final stages of development going on at the historic Balocco test track. The same team of engineers who the 4C, 8C, Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio, Giulia GTA, and the current ongoing development of the 33 Stradale are involved.

Alfa Romeo Milano EV [2024]

Alfa Romeo Milano EV [2024

Their targets and objectives are as they always have been for Alfa Romeo models: best handling and best-in-class driving dynamics. The team is particularly focused on suspension tuning. The aim is to provide direct and extremely precise steering geometry, guaranteeing quick cornering with a high level of grip.

The technical development of the Milano is led by Luigi Domenichelli, an expert Italian engineer tasked with integrating and validating all the vehicle subsystems in terms of performance, durability, and comfort.

Alfa Riomeo Milano badge
‘MILANO’, the name of the new small SUV, was present on the Alfa Romeo badge between 1910 and 1971. Positioned on the lower part, it signified the association with the city which was also identified by two other symbols. These are the cross – the historical symbol of the capital of Lombardy – and the Biscione serpent, the coat of arms of the noble Visconti family and one of the city’s most iconic emblems.

The ‘mad old woman’ of Alfa Romeo in the 1950s

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